New season 2020/2021

Here at MKCA we are working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure that when our athletes return to training they are safe, supported and happy.


We are not holding formal tryouts for the beginning of the season as we feel it would be unfair and unsafe to expect athletes to perform skills they have not been able to practice consistently during the pandemic. We want to build the strength and confidence in our athletes so that they are able to attempt skills when they are mentally and physically ready.

The first month of the season will be an assessment month.  Athletes will be provisionally placed in a group where we feel they are likely to be suited. This will be based on previous knowledge of the athletes skills set or for new athletes attendance at an evaluation day.  During the month we will make adjustments to the teams where necessary to ensure the best possible fit for the athlete and the team.

Team levels will also be provisional, each team will have the flexibility to move up or down a level based on the first few months of training.  We will be deciding levels based on athletes level and where we think the teams will be most competitive.

If you would like more information or to book an evaluation please contact