Competition Checklist

Competitions are the main focus during the season for Allstar cheerleaders.  We have compiled this checklist to make sure all our athletes and their parents understand our procedures during competitions.

  • Approximately two weeks before the competition the running order will be released.  We will give you the times for meeting, performance and award ceremonies as soon as we have them.  They will be posted in our secret facebook group and also the team mums will share this on the squad whatsapp groups.
  • Tickets for competitions will be arranged by our head team mum. Once the deadlines have been published put your order form and payment into an envelope with your Athletes name, team name and tickets required on the front of the envelope.
  • Make travel arrangements for competitions.  Most of our competitions are fairly local so will only require transport on the day. We do however attend the Future Cheer Nationals in Bournemouth.  This is a whole weekend.  Book your hotel early and make sure you can cancel it if needed.  The timetable for the competitions are not normally released until two weeks before the event.  It may mean you don’t need every night booked but the hotels in Bournemouth sell out fast on this weekend so don’t leave it until the last minute.
  • Athletes may be required to attend a pre game in Bournemouth. This is an opportunity to practice on the competition floor before the athletes compete. We have found this to be very valuable. These are on the Friday night.
  • Make sure you have everything you need for a competition well in advance and have a practice run for the hair and make up.


  • Make sure your athlete is at competition in full kit/shoes with make up and hair done 1 hour before the check in time. The coaches will collect the athletes from you at this time and you will not see them again until after they have performed.

  • After your athlete has competed there may be an option to watch a video playback of their routine.  If this is available then you will meet your athlete there. They will get the opportunity to watch back over the routine and evaluate their performance. Bring water with you when you meet them as they will have just stepped off of the floor.


  • Sportsmanship, please try to be there to watch and cheer for all the MKCA athletes as it makes a huge difference to their performance if they can hear and see the support from the MKCA parents and athletes.

  • Awards ceremony, all athletes must attend this in full competitive uniform.  Your team mum and junior coaches will meet the athletes on the mat to await the results.  Athletes will have rehearsed this and we will have discussed how we expect them to behave win or lose.  We cheer for every team in our category and we don’t celebrate before our team has been announced out of respect for all the other teams who have competed.  We expect the parents to also follow this example.

  • After this the cheerleaders will have the opportunity to have photos with each other and the trophy. Your team mum will coordinate this with you. After awards you will meet up with your team coach for a round up of the day.