Joining Competitive

This Guide has been put together to make your first season competing with MKCA as easy as possible

MKCA 2020-2021 Timetable – New Gym (1)

  1. Fill in the competitive contact details form and book your tryout: Make sure changes to your information are updated when applicable. To book your tryout please email
  2. Attend Tryout session.  Tryouts are £5 and payable via payment link.  Athletes must be prepared to learn a dance/jump sequence and will also be asked to perform any tumbling skills they have.  Please only perform skills which are perfected and confident.
  3. Accept a place on the team.  You will receive an email with an offer of a place  on a team suitable for your age and experience, along with all the information relating to fees and commitment level required.  You can accept your place by sending an email to
  4. Set up a direct debit.  You will be able to attend your first session once this is done. The direct debit includes all class fees, competition entries, bow, music, workshops, choreography and a nationals top.  follow this link to set it up:  GO CARDLESS LINK. Additional costs will include spectator tickets, accommodation, travel expenses, membership kit and competition uniform.
  5. Pay £50 deposit.  A deposit of £50 must be paid via payment link on or before your first session.  This is to confirm your commitment for the entire season and will be returned to you should you still be an active member of the team on the last session of the season.  We care about the athletes on our teams and to make sure they have the best experience possible we feel they need to have the security of knowing that everyone on their team is in it until the end.  Should an athlete leave before the end of the season the deposit will be retained by MKCA and used to provide extra training for the team affected by the loss of the team member.
  6. Purchase compulsory training kit. There are a few options available to choose from, with a budget to suit your individual needs. Annual Membership  Kit must be ordered as soon as you decide to accept your place on the team.  Delivery is approximately 6 weeks after the order deadline date.  If you are wanting to order additional kit which is not in stock on our shop, please make sure you look out for the order deadlines and stick to them. Dates of kit orders will be posted in the gym and in whattapp groups when they are confirmed.  Kits will be distributed in class as soon as they arrive. Please visit our online shop
  7. Like our facebook page! and request to be added to the secret Facebook group where you can ask questions to other cheer parents and also post pictures and videos of your athletes successes.
  8. Purchase cheer shoes.  Most of our athletes currently wear varsity shoes.  We have built a relationship with Varsity and can offer shoes to our athletes at a discounted rate. Please email where you can request a list of prices and styles. Once a year we also have a rep come into the gym and size athletes up properly. This is usually in October.
  9. Put all the training dates in your diary. We run classes in term times only, but you will need to make note of all workshops and choreography sessions too as attendance is compulsory.  Competitive Athletes must not miss any training session in the 3 weeks leading up to a competition. Please email all absences to Make sure you know when all the dates are to avoid double booking. Make sure you have read our rules and absence policy.
  10. Make a note of Competitions, events, showcases and presentation evening. This information can all be found in the Competitive Pack 2021.pdf
  11. Find out who the Team Mum is for your Squad, introduce yourself and add them on social media. They will look after you, as they are our seasoned cheer parents they will be able to answer any questions you may have and offer a friendly face when you attend events and competitions.