Recreational Classes

Cheerleading Classes

Athletes attend a weekly session, these are available from 30 minutes to 1 hour. The classes cover levels 1-2 stunting and tumbling and focus on safety through progression. Our recreational classes are suitable for beginners and for those wishing to develop their technique further. We give students the opportunity to gain badges for skills they achieve. Our athletes perform at our team showcase in January and July and at local events throughout the summer.

Tumbling Classes

This is a gymnastic based class which includes learning skills from handstands, cartwheels and walkovers all the way up to full twists. We teach progress through progressions.  Athletes will condition skills by breaking each one down into drills which will help to build strength and confidence. We also offer a tumble grading programme so athletes can earn certificates and badges.

Lyrical Classes

Lyrical dance is a dance style that embodies various aspects of ballet, jazz, acrobatics, and modern dance. Lyrical dance is strongly associated with clearly displayed emotional moods, fast-moving choreographic strategies,  illustration of song lyrics, and, in group form, exact unison.

Street Dance

street dance is a dance style that was originally performed outside dance studios in any available open space such as streets, dance parties, block parties, parks, school yards, raves, and nightclubs.  Street dances are often improvisational and social in nature, encouraging interaction and contact with spectators and other dancers. In class dancers will learn about authentic street dance styles like Locking, Popping, Breaking, Hip hop, House and Commercial.

Pom Dance

Pom dance is a high energy dance style using sharp and precise motions. Routines involve tight formations and spacing that enhance clever use of pom tricks. Dancers will learn twists, leaps, turns, jumps, motions and choreography.  They will be taught the importance of flexibility and technique as well as using pom poms to enhance the performance. 

Conditioning Classes

Unlike traditional, old-school workouts that feature short bursts of maximum intensity with longer periods of rest, INSANITY flips that formula upside-down. INSANITY uses MAX Interval Training, which replaces traditional moderate-intensity exercise with maximum-intensity exercise, and trades short intervals of intensity for short periods of rest.